Food is no joking matter for the Swiss. We at Edelweiss take our culinary tasks very seriously. Be it summer or winter, we will always use top-quality preferably seasonal and regional products for our catering.

When it comes to food, Switzerland is more than chocolate, cheese and sausages. Granted, it is hard to conceive of another place in the world where these three delicacies are more palatable than in the land of the edelweiss. With one exception perhaps: high above the clouds. Because Swissness also extends to some culinary delights served on all aircraft with the edelweiss emblazoned on their tail fin.

Swiss delicacies produced by regional companies

In collaboration with our long-established partner LSG Skychefs, we take pride in developing tasty and surprising menus pursuant to a summer and a winter cycle. The result: preferably seasonal dishes. Edelweiss passengers travelling on holiday from Switzerland can enjoy a last Swiss treat. And on their return flight, some of our delicious specialities served on board may just make it easier to overcome any signs of post-holiday blues.

Our principal focus is not on national delicacies, but on a lot of seasonal and regional components. Accordingly, the ingredients used to prepare the dishes are supplied by Swiss producers whenever possible - inter alia, a successful long-established company and a small, innovative enterprise that supplies goods produced by micro-entities and farms. Edelweiss truly has it all!