In the Footsteps of Pythagoras

Boasting an enchanting fusion of island bliss and cultural wealth, Samos is an island for adventurers and bon vivants alike: sun, sea and countless sights provide ideal prerequisites for a multi-facetted and action-filled dream holiday.

Samos is located very near the Turkish mainland. The Greek island in the Aegean Sea, north of the Dodecanese islands, is the birthplace of mathematician Pythagoras. With a plethora of ancient architectural ruins on offer, it is a treasure trove for fans of Greek antiquity. Samos is home to Heraion, a significant antique sanctuary dedicated to the goddess Hera. The Hera Temple, of which sadly only few ruins remain, was one the largest temples of antiquity. Together with the town of Pythagorio, Heraion has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Mountains, tunnels and caves steeped in history

The tunnel of Eupalinos through Mount Kastro is one of the island’s must-see landmarks. Built during the reign of Polycrates (538-522 BC), the purpose of the aqueduct was to supply the ancient capital of Samos (today’s Pythagorio) with fresh water. Visitors apprehensive about entering a mountain may consider the demanding ascent to the top of Mount Kerkis instead: rising to 1434 metres, the highest mountain of the Aegean is known for its rich fauna and beautiful vistas. Kerkis houses the cave of Pythagoras and is where the philosopher and mathematician is said to have hidden from the tyrant Polycrates before immigrating to Italy. As the cave entrance is situated in a rock face several hundred metres up from the ground, a visit is not recommended if vertigo is an issue. By contrast, two very well-preserved chapels can be admired from the safety of the ground.

Surfing, swimming and sunbathing

Sun worshippers looking for long, sandy beaches will search in vain on Samos. Instead, the island stuns with beguilingly beautiful natural coves and hot, dry weather from April to October. Bathers eager to swim near the port town of Samos can do so at the lovely cove of Agia Paraskevi. Energetic water sports enthusiasts, such as surfers, will love breaking the waves on Kokkari beach: the former fishing village is a popular holiday resort that attracts visitors with long pebble beaches and small bathing coves, and has many water sports opportunities on offer.

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