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Discover the Akamas Peninsula


The Akamas Peninsula in north-western Cyprus is a natural paradise. On an area of about 230 square kilometres you will find dreamlike coastlines with numerous fine sandy bays for swimming. Many rare endemic plants thrive here and the peninsula is an important habitat for foxes, bats, and snakes, but also for numerous species of birds that stop in Akamas during their migration. A real highlight are the breeding grounds of various sea turtles.

Moutti tis Sotiras 

You have a fantastic panoramic view over the Akamas peninsula from the summit plateau of Moutti tis Sotiras at 370 metres above sea level. You can reach it on a hike from Polis in about 3 ½ hours on foot during a round-trip. The ascent is easy, however the descent is partly steep and we therefore recommend sturdy shoes.

Turtle Nesting at Lara Beach

You should definitely plan a visit to Lara Beach, the wonderful turtle nesting site which is under strict nature protection. Between June and August, sea turtles lay their eggs here. To prevent the nests from being plundered by wild animals and birds, they are protected with wire baskets. At night, the baby turtles finally hatch and instinctively rush into the water. Thanks to this protection project, the number of green sea turtles as well as loggerhead turtles has increased significantly.

The Bath of Aphrodite

The Bath of Aphrodite is located in the beautiful coastal town of Polis. According to Greek legend, Aphrodite met Adonis while bathing. She was so taken by his appearance and beauty that she entered into a liaison with him. Whoever washes themselves with the spring water from the bath of Aphrodite, will - according to the legend - be blessed with eternal youth. With these prospects, what's wrong with a little cooling down?

Avakas Gorge

A hike through the Avakas Gorge is a very impressive experience. The gorge, which is about three kilometres long and only a few meters wide, is truely impressive. Its rock walls that are up to 250 metres high and tower vertically up the sides. The path leads along the riverbed, which you will cross time and again. Admire the splendour of plants such as wild oleanders and fig and olive trees. You can easily reach this imposing gorge by car, there are several parking lots in Agios Georgios Pegeia (follow the signs). Wear sturdy shoes. In winter and after heavy rain the hike is not recommended.

Blue Lagoon Beach 

This dream beach got its name from the colour of its waters. The seabed consists mainly of shell limestone, making the crystal clear water shimmer in all shades of turquoise blue. The best way to reach the beach is by boat from Latchi; a journey by car is not recommended.
Tip: take your snorkelling equipment with you! 

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