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24 Hours in Orlando: The American Dream at High Speed


Don’t Miss a Thing

Many of those who visit the ‘Sunshine State’ of Florida are bound for the huge theme parks, the Universal Orlando Resort, SeaWorld, Gatorland, or the Holy Land Experience. But Orlando has so much more to offer. See how you can make your very own American Dream come true.

Warm Up With Some Shopping

Whoever said you can’t buy happiness has obviously never been to Florida Mall. With its just shy of 300 shops, it is the biggest shopping centre in central Florida. Whether you are looking for body spray, designer handbags, or sportswear – it’s all there just waiting for you to find it. If you have still not had a chance to enjoy breakfast, simply pop over to the Dining Pavilion with its 25 restaurants. Alternatively, there are plenty of brand new goodies to try at the M&M’s World Store. Pssst, here is another tip for you: be sure to visit the Christmas shop! It is even worth it at the height of summer!

Florida Mall

Titanic and Tupperware For Your Daytime Amusement

Those of you who still get goose pimples when you watch ‘Titanic’ (not to mention the tears flowing down your cheeks) should be sure to make the trip to the Titanic Museum to explore the roughly 200 fascinating objects raised from the wreck on the seabed. While you are there: enjoy a little moment imitating Rose as you elegantly glide down the recreated stairs to the dining room. A very different American legend awaits you at the Tupperware Museum, where its fans can see countless surprising models of the kitchen aids, from measuring jugs to multi choppers and maki makers.

Titanic Museum

Art and Culture Over a Cup of Coffee

As you stand outside the Orlando Museum of Art, you will be hard-pressed not to be reminded of Rome’s Colosseum, though the museum may just be a tad newer. While the ancient giant was already built as far back as 80 A.D., the museum was only built in 1924. Just as the Roman stone walls take you way back in time, the OMA houses more than 2,000 ancient treasures. From figures of warriors or gilded goblets to Rembrandt Peale’s ‘Portrait of Three Children’ and Johann Hermann Carmiencke’s ‘The Hudson River at Hyde Park, New York’, this is the place where you will discover new worlds through paintings and objects.

Orlando Museum of Art

Dinner at Ford’s Garage

Dining rooms, Tupperware, and even juicy still lives – you’d be forgiven for constantly thinking of dinner! Well, then it’s high time you visited Ford’s Garage, a typical American restaurant. Here, you will not just find old cars hanging from the ceilings, but you can make yourself comfortable in rustic, leather-clad seating areas while you fest on traditional US cuisine. Whether you prefer onion rings or Oreo shake, ‘Ford’s Original Nachos’ of ‘The Famous Firestone Shrimp’, mac ‘n’ cheese, or ‘Mushroom Swiss’ – just see how much you can manage!

Ford’s Garage

Pool Before Bed

Even in the Sunshine State, the sun does eventually set, the streets of Orlando become quieter, and the day draws to a close. Can there be any better way to finish off our American Odyssey than with a round of pool at Backstage Billiards? Not only do they have 22 pool tables, they also have jukeboxes and a happy hour to ensure you have the perfect evening. Even if you fail to see what is so special about the game, you can still try your hand at darts or simply take a seat on one of the wooden bar stools, make yourself comfortable, and sip some ‘Watermelon Jolly Rancher Shots’ – they are even known to reliably aid your digestive system after enjoying burgers and fries.

Backstage Billiards

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