Happy Hour and Greek Gods

Besides the myth-enshrouded historical origins of Mykonos, the nightlife on this vibrant Cycladic island is steeped in legend too.

Once upon a time, Hercules vanquished mighty giants and threw their petrified corpses into the sea. According to Greek mythology, those very bodies are what formed the island of Mykonos. Characterised by blue-shuttered, whitewashed houses, narrow streets and inviting tavernas, this island in the Aegean Sea embodies Greece in every way. Mykonos is blessed with a gentle climate which makes it a desirable holiday destination in winter as well. That said, anyone looking to bathe in the sea waters will want to consider visiting the island in summer or autumn.

Quick facts Mykonos

Flight time

02:25 h


1770 km

Time difference

+ 1 hour CET



A cup of cappuccino costs around

CHF 5.18

Travelling on two wheels

Without question, the most relaxing way to get around Mykonos is on a scooter! As well as not having to rely on public transport, this mode of transport makes it easy to travel through narrow alleyways and access remote beaches. The exception is, of course, after enjoying the odd evening cocktail or two, when use of the night bus service should be the way to go.

“Nothing Compares to Mykonos”

Museums in lieu of music

The neighbouring islands of Rineia or Delos offer some time-out from all the partying. Museums and archaeological sites tell stories of bygone times. The icons of Mykonos are its windmills which also figure among the island’s most prominent sights. The Armenistis Lighthouse on Cape Armenistis offers spectacular vistas of the Aegean Sea and is an ideal place to watch the sun as it sets into the shimmering sea.

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