Pearl of the Canaries

With plenty of pristine landscapes, both on land and at sea, Lanzarote is a slice of paradise for nature lovers. Besides ample opportunities for surfing, scuba diving and hiking, this Canary Island offers authentic island life away from mass tourism.

Children playing in the streets, cosy corner cafés and whitewashed fisherman’s cottages along the coast: with many places largely spared from classic tourism, Lanzarote offers island charm at its best. The island’s mild climate and gentle winds make this a great holiday location for those who prefer warm to overly hot temperatures.

Quick facts Lanzarote

Flight time

03:50 h


2810 km

Time difference

- 1 hour CET



A cup of cappuccino costs around

CHF 2.11

Surf-riding and submerging

Lanzarote captivates sports fans with stunning turquoise waters and impressive surfing conditions along rocky coastlines. The northwest of the island is especially well known for its surf spots. Scuba divers also have plenty to look forward to: Lanzarote is home to Europe’s first underwater museum whose contents stand submerged in fifteen metres’ depth. Besides creating a mystical ambience, the museum’s sculptures serve as a habitat for a wide array of marine life. Courageous divers will not want to miss the chance to explore underwater caves. With a bit of luck, they might also catch sight of some sharks and rays.

Excursion to the moon

If keeping fit ashore is more your thing, Timanfaya National Park with its solidified fields of lava is a great place to explore. Hiking across the park’s volcanic landscape can be likened to walking on the moon. Just a few centimetres below the surface, the volcanic rock is still so hot it can set hay bales afire. A special attraction awaits visitors by the sea: the Green Lagoon (“El Golfo“) offers a spectacular contrast between the black sand on the beach and the sea surf. The best way to take stock of such an eventful day is at a wine tasting - with Lanzarote’s volcanic wine providing for a perfect culinary finish.

Training Paradise for Iron Men

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