A staple of the Swiss DJ scene, Winterthur artist and producer Mr.Da-Nos is also very successful internationally, performing over 200 gigs per year. The party stronghold Ibiza has become his second home, so to speak. These days, Roland Bunkus, which is Mr.Da-Nos‘s real name, travels to Ibiza several times a year – to work and to relax.

“My first visit to Ibiza was in 1996. I was sixteen and I travelled to the island because a good friend of mine had moved there. Since then, I have experienced Ibiza’s transformation first-hand, into a Mediterranean party stronghold. As an adolescent, I came to know the island from a different, less commercial perspective. That is probably why I still feel emotionally connected to it. Today, I regularly deejay in clubs and bars. But when I was much younger, I was so drawn to Ibiza that, on completing my apprenticeship, I went there to work as an electrician. However, things did not pan out as hoped, and I was back in Switzerland within six months. That is when I began my career as a DJ. But Ibiza has never let go of me: whether for a gig or to visit friends, I travel to Ibiza several times a year. Ibiza is where I find inspiration, tranquillity and strength. On the one hand, I deejay at parties and see the island through a tourist lens. On the other hand, I enjoy Ibiza’s quiet, private side. I enjoy switching between those two worlds.

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A perfect day on the island of Ibiza

My perfect Ibiza day is precisely that: switching from a relaxed, quiet day at the beach to a loud and rambunctious party night. My favourite breakfast place is the ‘Nassau Beach Club’, which was one of the first to open on the island and is situated at the end of the ‘Playa d’en Bossa’ resort. This beautiful location is a real oasis and successfully merges modern influences with local charm. It is also a good place to shop and a popular venue that hosts its own events. As a boater and boat fan, I like to charter a yacht and escape the beach crowds. Ibiza has many attractive boat-chartering companies that rent out yachts of all known brands. Your dream yacht is thus within reach, and available with a skipper and crew. Ibiza supplies the ingredients for a perfect summer hit: when out at sea, with the wind in my hair and the sun caressing my face, I can switch off. This is my ‘time out’ and my way to refuel and re-energise so I am ready to dive into Ibiza’s nightlife – because that is how my perfect Ibiza day ends: behind the turntables in a hip club or at an open-air party, such as ‘The Zoo Project’ in Benimussa Park.

First-rate partying

Yes, Ibiza party life is first-rate: the island plays host to multitudinous top venues with unique concepts and internationally renowned artists. Trends change quickly – particularly on the island of Ibiza. Not shying away from extremes, Ibiza is where new benchmarks of global resonance are set. The island is home to an endless slew of clubs and bars: featuring at least one trendy club to suit every taste, not much can go wrong. What is more: the party starts long before dark on this Balearic Island. The ‘Ushuaia’ is a combination of luxury hotel and open-air club with the finest daytime parties: premium VIP service, glamour, breathtaking light shows and the best DJs of the electronic dance music scene. But, these days, the Ibizans do not celebrate their parties on land only: the ‘Cirque de la Nuit’ boat party is arguably the coolest and most spectacular of them all, and held on a catamaran called the ‘Ibiza Boat Club’. I deejay at various such events.

Sun, sea and sand

And yet: Ibiza is more than partying. The island is also a choice place for those who favour culture and culinary highlights. When on the island, I usually stay with local friends and often get to enjoy genuine Ibizan cuisine. But there are a plethora of good restaurants that serve modern Catalan cuisine, including ‘Cas Costas Grill & Organic Market’ near Playa d’en Bossa.

Apropos sand: Ibiza boasts truly beautiful beaches; the most famous one is Cala Conta (‘Platges de Comte’). This beach really is very special, offering beautiful vistas of the small islands off the coast, turquoise-blue and crystal-clear water, as well as ample opportunities to snorkel or simply bask in the sun. The beach is well suited for families and can get crowded in summer. The best time to visit is in the late afternoon. When there, make sure you stay to see a spectacular sunset at the ‘Sunset Ashram’ beach restaurant. Another real highlight for me is Formentera. Situated just off the coast of Ibiza, this small island gem enraptures visitors with long white sandy beaches, wild dune landscapes and a lush flora and fauna. In short: a dream for nature lovers – and my personal favourite.

The beach of Cala D’Hort stuns with fabulous views, especially of the mysterious rock island Es Vedrà. Situated just a few hundred metres from the shore, this ‘devlish rock’ juts steeply out of the sea and is shrouded in myths, including persistent rumours of UFO sightings. And for some people, Es Vedrà is the last visible tip of the sunken civilisation of Atlantis. Whether true or false – the rock is a tourist magnet, albeit difficult to get to by public transport. The last stretch is best journeyed on foot. Rest assured that the unique views will provide ample compensation for that slight inconvenience.”

Mr.Da-Nos top three on Ibiza:

1. “Armante Beach Club Restaurant”: One of my favourite restaurants near Santa Eulalia. Very nice location set on a cliff overlooking the Sol den Serra bay, like a balcony above the sea. A relaxed beach club during the day, it becomes a bar and top restaurant at night. (www.amanteibiza.com, Cala Sol Den Serra (Cala Llonga), 07849 Santa Eulalia des Riu)

2. “Lío”: A cabaret and club that ignites “Cirque du Soleil” vibes. I especially like the extravagant outfits, the acrobatic shows and live music at this beautiful location by the Marina Botafoch yacht harbour. (www.lioibiza.com, Puerto Deportivo Marina)

3. “The Zoo Project”: An open-air event within Benimussa Park (a former animal park in San Antonio) and a party that has become a staple of the Ibiza clubbing scene. I deejay there at various events. A host of performers and dancers showcase their skills in fantastic shows. A very special party experience! (www.thezooproject.com, C/ Romani 18, 07820 Sant Antoni de Portmany)

More information and tour dates of Mr. Da-Nos: www.mrdanos.com

Text: Larissa Eichin