Beach Holiday Steeped in History

Varna, the seaport on the Black Sea is, above all, famous for its party circuit and sunny beaches. But it’s definitely worth exploring the city’s other intriguing facets.

For many, a holiday in Bulgaria is synonymous with partying and celebrating. Golden Sands beach is where the party happens, with music ranging from après-ski tunes to the latest pop hits. The mood on the beach is so infectious that even passers-by can’t resist moving to the beat.

Quick facts Varna

Flight time

02:10 h


1610 km

Time difference

+ 1 hour CET
Ø Temperature in August
29 °C

Exchange rate

Airport transfer & car rental



A cup of cappuccino costs around

CHF 1.13

Relaxing to the sound of the sea

Temperatures in Varna are warm from May until September - and thus ideal for relaxing on Varna’s city beach after a night of partying. Unlike Golden Sands, this is where the locals come to work on their tan. If a day at the beach doesn’t suit, there is plenty to see in Varna, including impressive surroundings and some cultural highlights.

Varna used to be the first terminus of the Orient Express. Public transport connections are still very good, making it easy to reach visit-worthy places like Probitite kamani (Stone Forest). The rock formations in the forest contain fossils, mussels and marine creatures.

Read the signs correctly

Steeped in history that goes back thousands of years, Varna’s old town is a place with many interesting sights. The cathedral of Sveta Bogorodiza, for instance, is one of its main landmarks and enchants with wall paintings and hand-carved icons. A visit to the well-known theatre of Stojan Batschvarov, where culture and entertainment become intertwined, is also highly recommended. In terms of body language it is essential to note that, for Bulgarians, shaking one’s head means “yes” and nodding means “no”. Equipped with that background knowledge, a visit to Varna should be fairly straightforward, even beyond the theatre stage.

Information for golf fans

A holiday that includes golf, or a golfing holiday? What a great decision to have to make! Let our special page inspire and inform you:

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