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Sunshine, Beaches and Plenty of History

Rhodes is one of the most beautiful travel destinations in the Mediterranean region. As well as lovely weather and great beaches, this Greek island offers a multiplicity of sights and excursion opportunities.

Situated at the northern tip of Rhodes, Rhodes Town is considered the heart of the largest Dodecanese island. The city‘s rich history is an invitation to discover and explore: its fortification walls can be traced back to the crusaders, the Palace of the Grand Master to the Knights Hospitalier and the mosques to the Ottomans.;;; ;;; The pervading sense of ancient history can be felt in almost every corner of the island – from the Kameiros archaeological site, through the Thermas Kalithea spa baths, to the Acropolis of Lindos that towers majestically over the eponymous village with its iconic whitewashed houses.

Quick facts Rhodes

Flight time

02:40 h


2025 km

Time difference

+ 1 hour CET
Ø Temperature in November
21 °C

Exchange rate

Car rental & airport transfer



A cup of cappuccino costs around

CHF 3.16

Valley of the Butterflies

A visit to Petaloudes, the Valley of the Butterflies, is a very special treat. Each year between June and early September, the scent emitted by the oriental sweetgum trees that grow in the valley attracts thousands of butterflies.

The main tourist areas are predominantly located along the west and east coast of the island. The west coast is home primarily to pretty pebble beaches, while the east coast also boasts some lovely sandy beaches. The gently sloping Tsambika Beach is a particularly beautiful spot – and well suited for family holidays. Known for its nightlife, the beach resort of Faliraki is, above all, a magnet for younger holidaymakers. When there, a dip in the popular Anthony Quinn Bay is something of a must-do.

Visiting neighbours

Numerous boat trips can be taken from Rhodes Town, including to the neighbouring island of Symi with its beautiful harbour. Or perhaps to the calmer island of Karpathos that awaits visitors with delightful beaches away from all the hustle and bustle.

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