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Holidaying at the Toe of the Boot

Italy’s Tyrrhenian Coast has a string of pretty little towns. Western Calabria seduces with fabulous beaches, impressive cliffs and hot springs.

There’s little risk of meeting crowds of tourists at the toe of the boot that makes Italy. Widely considered an insider tip, Calabria is, above all, a holiday destination enjoyed by the Italians themselves. Lamezia Terme Airport is an ideal starting point for travel in Calabria – to suit one’s personal taste.

Quick facts Lamezia (Calabria)

Flight time

01:50 h


1060 km

Time difference

Ø Temperature in February
13 °C

Exchange rate

Car rental & airport transfer



A cup of cappuccino costs around

CHF 1.26

Discover Calabria on foot

Calabria’s cornucopia of landscapes makes for great hiking country. Its coastline is braided with exciting cliffs, while the mountain ranges of Sila, Serre, Aspromonte in the hinterland offer some wonderfully challenging hiking routes. Hikers boasting the time and the energy can walk right across Calabria – in other words, from the Tyrrhenian to the Ionian Sea. Many routes are also appropriate for cycling. From easy to challenging: there’s something to suit all types and preferences.

Dolce Vita

Blessed by more than 300 days of sunshine a year, beach buffs and sun worshippers won’t feel short-changed in Calabria. The sea along the Tyrrhenian coast shimmers in hues of turquoise and azure blue, and the beach of the cliff-hugging, wind-protected town of Tropea offers particularly stunning vistas of a rock-hewn church. Steps lead from Tropea beach to the town centre – an ideal spot for cocktails after a blissful day at the beach. Drinks topped with spice-diffusing cream are recommended - because if there’s one ingredient you’ll find in almost every dinner dish, it’s hot pepperoncino (chilli peppers).

The Whole World in Southern Italy

Warm baths

A trip to Calabria will typically end at the starting point, Lamezia Terme, where there’s a special treat to be had: a visit to the thermal baths in the city district of Sambiase. Frequented and appreciated as far back as ancient Roman times, the baths continue to be a great place to replenish and relax. They are also said to possess healing properties to treat illnesses such as respiratory diseases. There are several spas to choose from, all of which also offer a wide choice of beauty treatments. So how about returning home looking as great as you feel?

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