Castles, Myths and Romantic Urban Ambience

Edinburgh boasts an extraordinary wealth of historic buildings. Besides exuding a romantic ambience, the city’s many towers, churches and steps give a sense of travelling back in time.

Visitors to Scotland’s capital won’t have to wait long to hear the sound of bagpipes. The sight of castles, kilts and whisky distilleries conveys a genuine sense of Scottish authenticity – which, by far, makes up for the unpredictable Scottish weather. And in the event of rain, Edinburgh’s underground is a fascinating place to resort to.

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Spooky stories embedded in a royal setting

Edinburgh’s Royal Mile is lined with impressive sights: the medieval Mary King’s Close is the entrance to a warren of streets beneath the city. Seemingly frozen in the time since the 17th century, this subterranean world is where people used to live in cramped quarters built on top of each other. Many of the residents fell victim to the plague – thus giving rise to a plethora of spooky ghost stories. Today, visitors wanting to ascend from the underground to the highest point of the Royal Mile can make their way up to Edinburgh Castle. The stunning views from the fortress are definitely worth the climb - even without actually entering the building. The absence of glass and steel skyscrapers from Edinburgh’s skyline is worth mentioning here.

In the countryside

Edinburgh’s local mountain goes by the name of Arthur’s Seat and is a fairly easy climb. Those up for a bigger challenge should head to the Scottish Highlands where great hiking opportunities abound. The best way to explore the hilly Scottish countryside is by renting a car. The Isle of Skye with its rugged landscapes is a textbook example of Scottish scenery and definitely a place to visit. It can be reached via Skye Bridge. An excursion to Loch Ness is also something of a must. After all, the mystery that shrouds Nessie and the lingering question as to whether this enormous creature is reality or myth is something to see and answer for oneself.

Of Men in Kilts and Scottish Liquid Gold

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