Due to one of our long haul aircraft having been damaged and therefore curently out of operation, we are forced to adjust our flight schedule on short notice.

Following flights are affected:

  • 19AUG: WK02/03 (LX8002/8003) Zürich - Las Vegas - Zürich has been cancelled
  • 22AUG: WK14/15 (LX8014/8015) Zürich - Calgary - Zürich has been cancelled
  • 24AUG: WK74 (LX8074) Zürich - Seychelles (Mahé) has been cancelled
  • 25AUG: WK75 (LX8075) Seychelles (Mahé) - Zürich has been cancelled
  • 27AUG: WK18/19 (LX8018/8019) Zürich - San Diego - Zürich has been cancelled
  • 29AUG: WK24/25 (LX8024/8025) Zürich - Cancun - Zürich has been cancelled

This list is constantly being updated.

If you were booked on any of the cancelled flights above, you will be rebooked and receive your new flight details via email. For more information, feel free to contact our service center at

+41 (0) 848 333 593.

We thank you for your understanding and apologize for the inconvenience.