With the health and safety of our passengers and employees as the top priority, Edelweiss’ hygiene measures and safety concepts are in line with the recommendations of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH). We are also counting on your cooperation and personal sense of responsibility to keep up the current preventive measures, particularly as recommended by the local health authorities.

Protective masks

Protective masks are compulsory on all Edelweiss flights, whenever social distancing is not possible. Children up to six years of age (and guests with medical issues) are exempt from this requirement. Please bring your own mask with you, wear it correctly and exchange it every four hours.

Edelweiss Travel Checklist / Useful information at a glance

Do you have questions concerning your flight and would like to know how best to prepare for it? The Edelweiss Travel Checklist provides an overview with key points to observe in connection with your flight.

Observe entry regulations

Inform yourself ahead of time of the current entry regulations of the country you are travelling to

Travel regulations

Check in online

Check in for your flight via flyedelweiss.com or swiss.com.

Do not travel if you are feeling unwell

Please protect yourself and your fellow travellers and monitor your health. Check for typical COVID-19 symptoms, e.g. coughing, shortness of breath, feverishness/high temperature, loss of sense of smell and/or taste.

Print luggage tag at home

Print your boarding pass and luggage tag at home.

Bring a protective face mask

Please bring your own protective face mask and hand sanitiser with you. In doing so, please observe the rules and regulations concerning restrictions on carriage of liquids.

Plan your journey to the airport

Find out about the regulations on use of local public transport for your journey to the airport.

Arrive well ahead of time

Given the increased time and procedures needed to clarify travel restrictions, make sure you arrive at the airport at least two hours before your scheduled flight departure.

Observe the minimum required physical distance

Please adhere to the recommendations of the local authorities and, whenever possible, maintain at least the minimum required physical distance.

Observe the hygiene rules

It is strongly recommended that protective face masks be worn in the airport whenever the required minimum physical distance cannot be reliably maintained.

Disinfect your hands

Use the hand sanitiser dispensers located throughout the airport.


Use of the airport lounges is currently subject to restrictions.


Allow time to spare

Allow plenty of time to spare for security screening.

Listen to announcements

Please listen to the announcements made at the gate and follow the instructions.

Observe the minimum required physical distance

Maintain at least the minimum required physical distance, including when boarding the aircraft.

Wear a protective face mask

In line with the recommendations of the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), we recommend that protective face masks be worn whenever the rules for physical distancing cannot be implemented.

Edelweiss disinfectant wipes

You will receive a disinfectant wipe when boarding the aircraft. Please note that you should only use the disinfectant wipes provided by us to clean the surfaces in your seat area.


Edelweiss aircraft are cleaned before each flight, following a standard cleaning procedure, and then additionally disinfected.

HEPA air filters

Our entire aircraft fleet is fitted with high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters. Cabin air is changed an average of 20-30 times per hour during cruising.


You can continue to enjoy our wide choice of food and beverages on all flights.


Take note of and adhere to the entry regulations

Find out about the entry regulations and local rules at your destination well ahead of time.

Observe the minimum required physical distance

Please also be sure to maintain at least the minimum required physical distance when disembarking from the aircraft. Please also wear your protective face mask throughout your journey until exiting the destination airport.