Where Edelweiss is at home

We fly our passengers from Switzerland to almost every corner of the world – and wherever we go, our Edelweiss logo comes too. As of 2016, we are adding emphasis to our Swiss origin through the names of our aircraft.

Swiss, emotional, surprising – that is what we stand for. Since 2016, as well as experiencing these values when seated comfortably in our aircraft, they can be discerned from afar. How so? Because besides receiving a fresh look, our brand new aircraft have been named after the places of origin of the Edelweiss flower, which is our company logo. Thus, we will be carrying these beautiful regions into the world and, with them, a piece of Switzerland. The first such aircraft to take to the skies was the “Chäserrugg“ on 22nd April 2016. It will be followed by other beautiful Swiss holiday regions

Our homeland everywhere in the world

The Edelweiss is a symbol of our homeland. So what could be more appropriate than to visit the regions where this tender alpine flower grows? To that end, we travelled over mountains and through valleys – and discovered truly wonderful places that are definitely worth visiting. From the Blüemlisalp to Piz Corvatsch. Our aim is to show not just the beauty of faraway places, such as Rio, the Maldives or Marrakesh, but to also –and especially- bring attention to those stunning regions in Switzerland where everything Edelweiss is at home.