Edelweiss takes a high seat in the Engadine 

These days, sitting on Piz Corvatsch can be likened to sitting in an Edelweiss aircraft. Since 26th July 2016, mountain hikers and passers-by can take a seat on our wooden aircraft-seat-shaped bench now residing on that mountain.

We are proud to have added the beautiful Engadine valley to our fleet! On 6th July 2016, we officially named our latest Airbus A320 HB-IJU “Corvatsch“ and are delighted to carry this Swiss holiday region into the world. In return, a cabin-seat-style Edelweiss bench will henceforth embellish Piz Corvatsch. In full keeping with the motto “Where Edelweiss is at home“, the bench resides in a landscape where the eponymous alpine flower grows.

Stunning views of two lakes

A festive ceremony was held on 26th July to inaugurate the bench. On this occasion, one of our charming flight attendants surprised hikers and passers-by with Edelweiss ”Biberli“ biscuits inviting them to take a seat and enjoy the breathtaking views. Markus Moser, Director of Corvatsch AG, has been fascinated by the spectacular views of Lake Sils and Lake Silvaplana for a very long time. ”The region that encompasses Piz Corvatsch and Furtschellas is a particularly beautiful spot that everyone should have a chance to see. Our collaboration with Edelweiss allows us to draw the attention of people from all over the world to our region.”

Besides the new seating opportunity, a signpost points to various holiday regions served by Edelweiss with the Airbus A320 and says how long the respective flight times are. After all, there is no harm in letting one’s thoughts drift to faraway places - even if treasures are to be found close by. Because as far as the Corvatsch is concerned, whether near or far, whether mountain or aircraft, we love it! And we are genuinely proud to collaborate with yet another magnificent Swiss holiday region.