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The Beauty of the Alps

Nomen est omen: Belalp translates as “Beautiful Alp”. Situated at 2000 metres above sea level, it boasts spellbinding views of the Valais Alps that rise up to 4000 metres. The picturesque villages in the Belalp area also have plenty to offer.

If asked to describe Belalp in one word, “freedom” would be the most fitting description. First-time visitors who alight from the cable car at 2000 metres above sea level instantly know why: fresh mountain air, pristine nature and stunning views of the Valais alpine landscape trigger a genuine sense of being closer to heaven.

Experience action-packed nature

As one of the most snow-safe alpine regions, skis are a must-have item for winter holidaymakers in Belalp. As for the summer months, hiking aficionados won’t feel short-changed either: whether glacier hikes, mountain-hut hiking or high-altitude excursions, the choice on offer in the heart of the UNESCO Jungfrau-Aletsch World Natural Heritage Site is abundant. Those aspiring for greater heights can hike to the summit of Sparrhorn. A less strenuous way to travel up the mountain is on Switzerland’s longest six-person chairlift – that carries passengers up to 2680 metres above sea level.

Precious natural resources

Situated somewhat nearer to sea level, the village of Mund has its very own treasure, which is also the source of its nickname: “saffron village”. Saffron crocuses grow on large meadows in the area. The fact that the annual harvest yield of this valuable spice amounts to just three kilograms makes this natural resource from Mund all the more precious – and famous well beyond Switzerland’s borders. Detailed information is provided in the village’s Saffron Museum and on the Saffron Educational Trail. But Mund is more than “just” saffron. Featuring picturesque hamlets in rustic architectural style, this charming village is, per se, a must-visit.

The perfect holiday

Other villages in the area also have much to offer, including Blatten, which features the “Hexenkessel” (witch’s cauldron) adventure park and includes highlights such as ropes courses, a via ferrata and canyoning. In sum: a great place for a fabulous summer holiday without a boring moment! Pure relaxation awaits visitors in the municipality of Naters: in keeping with the residents’ appreciation for its beautiful setting, this tourist gem has been kept as natural as possible. It is also home to the distinctive Valais blacknose sheep, of which there are almost as many as there are residents. Anyone desiring even more thrill and buzz can visit the ossuary of Naters that contains thousands of skulls. Curious? The best way to satisfy that curiosity is a visit.