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Responsibility for the environment

We are aware of our responsibility for the environment. Wherever possible, we use eco-friendly technology and provide our staff with specific information to raise their environmental awareness.

Reduced aircraft noise emission thanks to vortex generators

The wings of our A320 fleet are currently being equipped with noise-reducing vortex generators so that our aircraft will fly more quietly. First measurements have shown that the overall noise level of an approaching aircraft, between seventeen and ten kilometres before landing, is reduced by up to four decibels.

This technology is also being used within the Lufthansa Group. For an audio test, follow this link

Fuel efficiency

Edelweiss Cockpit Crews are sensitised to ecological aspects of flight operations in courses and trainings. We optimise climb, descent and approach procedures and carefully plan our flights so as to reduce jet fuel consumption. Furthermore, we consciously use our aircraft’s own auxiliary systems for producing compressed air and electricity in a sparing manner. The new, ultralight materials used in the aircraft cabin and galley help us fly longer routes using less fuel.

Aircraft type
Max. range in km
Speed in km/h
Liters / 100 PAX-km
4'950 km
850 km/h
174 seats
11'300 km
875 km/h
315 seats
13'700 km
900 km/h
314 seats

Electric vehicle

Every day, our aircraft undergo technical inspections by technicians. Since 2014, Edelweiss has an eco-friendly electric vehicle to transport the aircraft technicians to their workplace within the airport perimeters. This modern means of transport is efficient and ecologically viable.