Responsibility for our destinations

For Edelweiss, Corporate Social Responsibility does not stop at the Swiss border. In numerous places, ecosystems are not seen as a priority, and poverty is a reality in some of our holiday destinations. Ignoring these facts is no option for Edelweiss. We want to bring our responsible conduct to our holiday destinations and enhance our passengers’ awareness of core issues there.

Waste collection in the Maldives

On your Edelweiss flight to the Maldives, you will be given a waste bag and asked to collect the waste you produce in your hotel during your stay. At the end of your holiday, you can drop the waste bag off at the return check-in desk for free. In this way, each holiday guest can make a significant contribution towards preventing marine pollution caused by waste and thus help preserve the Maldives as a dream destination for generations to come.

Dairy cow in Kenya

Four Edelweiss Cabin Crew members implemented a brave and lovely idea: to make sure the children of an orphanage in Kenya receive fresh milk (which is what they lacked most), these proactive women launched a successful aid project. Initially presented with a cow named “Lea”, the orphanage now boasts several cows and a meadow. We are proud of the social commitment shown by our employees!

Children from the Shanzu Orphans Home

For more information or to make a donation, visit these websites:

Computers for the educational initiative ”Aiducation“

In support of the educational initiative “Aiducation“, Edelweiss refurbished twenty-five of its old computers and donated them to the employees of Aiducation in Mombasa (Kenya). The computers are being used for literacy initiatives in nearby villages and in the office of the aid organisation.