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Responsibility for our destinations

For Edelweiss, Corporate Social Responsibility does not stop at the Swiss border. In numerous places, ecosystems are not seen as a priority, and poverty is a reality in some of our holiday destinations. Ignoring these facts is no option for Edelweiss. We want to bring our responsible conduct to our holiday destinations and enhance our passengers’ awareness of core issues there.

help alliance - our cooperation partner

help alliance, the charity of the Lufthansa Group, supports people all over the world who lack the most basic necessities of life. ;;; ;;; The core focus is on school and vocational education as a key for effective poverty alleviation. But help alliance is also committed to other topics, including health, food, work and income. ;;; ;;; Within the scope of our collaboration with help alliance, we are introducing the OnBoardCollection on our flights. Our passengers have the opportunity to donate their left-over foreign coins or make donations in Swiss francs during their flight – in keeping with the motto “small change – big help”. Lean administrative structures, funded by generous donations of the Lufthansa Group, allow for 100% of the donations (after currency conversion) to go straight towards the project work.

It is very important to us to assume responsibility at our holiday destinations. This is why donations made are currently benefitting the following projects:

“Hope for Township Children” in Cape Town, South Africa, and “Protection for Children in Need” in Pattaya, Thailand

Many children in Capricorn, a very poor township in Cape Town, are receiving pre-primary school education thanks to donations. With a view to ensuring that these children continue to have good educational opportunities and future prospects, help alliance is building a primary school in the township. ;;; ;;; The help alliance project in Pattaya provides reception centres to protect children who would otherwise be forced to live on the streets. As well as a safe place to stay, the children receive regular and balanced meals, clothing, medical care, access to education and help with working through their traumatic experiences.

HelpAlliance Cape Town

OceanCare – prevention of ocean pollution

OceanCare is committed to the ocean and marine wildlife protection worldwide. Since 2011, this Swiss organisation has Special Consultative Status on marine issues with the United Nations Economic and Social Council. Edelweiss and help alliance support the work of OceanCare because we want to help protect and sustainably preserve the beauty of the beaches and the health of the oceans at our holiday destinations.

Waste collection in the Maldives

On your Edelweiss flight to the Maldives, you will be given a waste bag and asked to collect the waste you produce in your hotel during your stay. At the end of your holiday, you can drop the waste bag off at the return check-in desk for free. In this way, each holiday guest can make a significant contribution towards preventing marine pollution caused by waste and thus help preserve the Maldives as a dream destination for generations to come.

Edelweiss supports child-centred aid organisation in Cuba

A Swiss aid organisation recognised as having a charitable status, Camaquito has been supporting children and adolescents in Cuba since 2001. ;;; ;;; The focus of Camaquito’s project work is on renovating educational facilities, hospitals and facilities for the disabled, as well as on providing access to drinking water and creating leisure and recreational opportunities for Cuban children and adolescents. In addition to supporting projects on site, Camaquito also organises sport and cultural exchanges between Europe and Cuba. Edelweiss has supported the work of Camaquito from the very start.