How can I book a flight with Edelweiss?

On our web site under Book a flight

Can Edelweiss make any booking alterations?

Only if the flight was booked on via our service center. Please contact our service team under +41 (0)848 333 593. Otherwise contact the agency that made the original booking.

How can I book a one-way route only or an open jaw flight?

Please book your Edelweiss flight with our codeshare partner SWISS on

Can I make any changes to a booking or ticket that has already been changed once?

If the fare conditions allow it, then it is possible to make repeated changes to a booking or ticket.

How many days in advance can I book a flight with Edelweiss?

Our flights can be booked from the published schedule from 361 days before departure.

Is it possible to make changes only for certain people in a booking?

Yes, because the bookings are made separately, so changes can be made to the bookings for individual people.

How and where can I book a Edelweiss flight if my departure airport is not Zürich

Departure airport outside Switzerland: Please book your Edelweiss flight with our codeshare partner SWISS on

If the fare is cheaper, will the price difference be reimbursed online?

No, there will be no reimbursement.

Where can I make a seat reservation?

Click here: seat reservation

Do I have to have my return flight reconfirmed?

There is no need to reconfirm your Edelweiss flights. For bookings made via
, you will receive a "farewell" email with all the necessary details just before your departure.

Will my existing seat reservation be taken into account if I change my booking?

If there was a charge for the seat reservation on the flight you wish to change, then please contact the Service Center to change the seat reservation. Additionally booked services cannot be taken into account when changing a flight on Please note that any seat reservations that have already been bought in Economy Class cannot be reimbursed. If you have an Economy Max seat reservation, it can be changed for a processing charge of CHF 30.-.

Can I reserve a seat with more leg room?

Click here: seat reservation

Where will I find the fare conditions for my booked ticket?

The Fare conditions for your chosen flight will be displayed during the booking process. They provide information on the flexibility of changing or cancelling your flight. We advise you to make a note of them.

The Edelweiss Service Center will also provide you with information on your particular fare conditions.

Will my special meal be included if I change my booking?

Yes, your special meal booking will be included.

Where are seats with more leg room located?

In the emergency exit rows.

Will there be any further credit card charges?

Depending on the bank, it is possible that there might be further charges. Edelweiss has no influence over these charges.

Will my additional passenger information (API) be included if I change my booking?

Yes, the API details will be included and do not have to be entered again.

Can I reserve a baby basket for my baby?

Yes, in Economy and Business Class on long-haul flights, in Business Class only on short- and medium-haul flights, and for babies up to 8 months (to 70 cm/max. 11 kg). Reserve your seat and the baby basket on our website or through your booking agent.

How do I book a group with Edelweiss?

A maximum of 9 passengers can be accepted in one booking process. Please contact our sister airline SWISS for bookings of 10 passengers and more:

Will the Europäische Reiseversicherung travel insurance that I booked through Edelweiss be included in the new ticket?

Yes, the travel insurance purchased through Edelweiss will be included in the new ticket, and will remain valid.

Are my chosen seats guaranteed?

For operational reasons, it is possible that Edelweiss might have to change your booked seats afterwards. If this happens, we will do our best to give you a seat of equal value (window/aisle).

Where can a baby basket be installed?

A340-313: 1 A/B/E/F/J/K in Economy Max, 11 A/B/D/G/K in Business Class an 18 A/B/D/E/J/K and 28 D/E/F/G in Economy Class.
A330-300: 1 A/D/K in Business Class and 7D/G and 27D/F in Economy Class.
A320: 1 A/F, Business Class only. Further information on travelling with babies are available here: Travelling with children

Will I receive a new reservation number (PNR) after changing my booking?

No, your personal reservation number will remain the same even if you change your booking.

Will the excess baggage I purchased in advance be included if I change my booking?

Any excess baggage purchased in advance will be included if you change your booking.

I bought a ticket from a travel agent. Can I book another seat through

Yes, you can do this in Economy Class.

What does OPC mean?

An OPC has to be paid when making a payment by credit card. The OPC is 1.65% of the ticket price, and is capped at a maximum of CHF 30. The OPC has to be paid for all traffic areas and booking categories.

How can I book Economy Max?

A requirement is a valid economy flight ticket for the flight concerned: when purchasing Economy Max seating, which can only be booked via">our website, you can select a seat. Once payment has been completed, you will receive a voucher for the Economy Max section in addition to your flight ticket Link

Can I change my booking after checking-in?

If you want to change a booking for a flight that you have already checked-in for, please contact the sales office as quickly as possible.

Can seats also be booked for children?

Yes, the rules are the same as for adults (with the exception of infants up to 2 years of age). Children up to 15 years are not permitted to sit in emergency exit rows.

How much does a ticket for a baby/infant cost?

The price for a ticket for an infant up to the age of two is 10% of the regular price, plus any charges. There is no service charge.

Please note, however, that this fare does not entitle your child to have its own seat. He or she will sit on your lap, with a special seat belt.

I have a SWISS or tour operator ticket. Can I still add a booking for an Economy Max seat reservation?

Provided you are in possession of a valid flight ticket in economy class, an Economy Max seat can be booked via our website at, irrespective of the booking agent. Link

How can I be refunded for a ticket that has not been used?

If you have purchased a refundable ticket and have not yet started your journey, please contact our Service Center before the planned flight in order to have your booking cancelled and prevent a "No-show" status (no refunds are given in the event of a No-show).

If I am reserving seats online, do I need to reserve a seat for everyone travelling?

You can select the individual seat category for each passenger. You can reserve seats for everyone travelling or only for some of them.

My child will turn 2 while we are travelling, so what do I need to know?

If your child turns 2 while you are travelling, you need to book a separate seat for him or her from that point in time. The children's rate will apply.

Can I change or cancel the Economy Max service?

The tariff conditions for the Economy Max service are independent of the tariff conditions of your booking agent for your purchased flight ticket. The additionally purchased service in the form of the Economy Max seat reservation may be cancelled or changed to a new date for an excess fee of CHF 30.

I would like to change a booking that is part of a package purchased from a travel agent. What do I need to do?

The booking can only be changed by the travel agent, so please contact the sales office.

What will happen to my seat reservation if I cancel my flight?

An Economy seat reservation will become invalid. For seat reservations in Economy Max and in emergency exit rows on long haul flights, we will charge you CHF30.

What happens if I do not reserve my seat in advance?

You will automatically be allocated a seat on check-in.

Can I take my own child's seat on board with me?

If you have booked a separate seat for your infant, you can take your child's seat (car seat) on board with you. It needs to be approved for air travel, and must not exceed a contact surface of 40 x 40 cm.

I have changed the booking of my economy flight ticket. Will my seat reservation in Economy Max now be changed automatically?

Since the Economy Max service is an additionally purchased service that is independent of your flight ticket, the change of booking of this service is not automatic. Please purchase the additional service for the new date. We will subsequently cancel the old seat reservation for you by phone at +41 (0)848 333 593

Can seat reservations be transferred to other passengers?

No, you cannot transfer a seat reservation.

Can I take my pushchair on board with me?

You can take your collapsible pushchair / buggy to the aircraft with you free of charge. Depending on your destination, it will either be returned to you when you disembark or on the baggage carousel. Due to their size, multiple buggies must be checked in as hold baggage.

Is Edelweiss a Star Alliance member?

Since November 2008, Edelweiss is an integrated member in the Lufthansa-Group and an affiliate of Swiss International Air Lines. However, Edelweiss is not a Star Alliance member.

Can I reserve my seat online after booking?

Yes, under this link:
Seat reservation

How do I book a flight for a child travelling alone (Unaccompanied Minor/UM)?

The Unaccompanied Minor (UM) service is only available through our Service Center. Please book the ticket and status by phone. For further information please go to
Unaccompanied minors.

Can I earn Miles and More miles with my Edelweiss flight?

Miles and More is the SWISS frequent flyer programme. Edelweiss passengers who have booked their flight in code share with SWISS qualify to earn "Miles & More" premium miles. A requirement is a LX ticket with a ticket number beginning with "724". Further information and contacts are available on the webpages of SWISS and Miles & More.

Can I still select my seat during Web check-in, as before?

You can, of course, still choose any of the seats that are still available free of charge as soon as check-in opens for your flight, which is generally 23 hours before departure. Please note that the choice may be limited under certain conditions.

Can my child fly alone?

Children under the age of 5 are not allowed to fly alone. Children between 5 and 11 years of age may only travel alone if you book our Unaccompanied Minors (UM) service, or with another person who is at least 12 years of age. This service is also available for children between 12 and 17 years of age. Children under the age of 5 may be accompanied by a sibling aged 16.

Can Edelweiss change a seat I have already reserved later on?

If Edelweiss needs to change your seat reservations, perhaps if the aircraft type is changed at the last minute, Edelweiss will do its very best to automatically reserve a seat of equal value for you. If no comparable seat is available, you can go to and request a refund of the charge.

What do I need to know if I am travelling with children?

You will find further information on this subject under
Travelling with children.

Will there be an additional charge if I use a credit card to pay for a seat reservation?

No, there will be no further charge apart from the normal OPC (additional charge) when you book the flight.

Can I take liquid baby food in my hand baggage with me?

Liquid baby food may be taken on Edelweiss flights. We offer special baby food (vegetable and fruit purées) on intercontinental flights. These baby meals can be ordered when you book up to 48 hours before departure or through our Service Center.

Can I take my sports equipment with me?

Your sports equipment will be transported at no extra charge as long as you do not exceed your baggage allowance. Fehler! Hyperlink-Referenz ungültig. will only be incurred if you take more items of baggage that are allowed, or if your baggage is heavier or larger than the standard. Register your sports baggage in plenty of time here.

Can any passengers sit on the emergency seats?

No, certain categories are ruled out for safety reasons. They are passengers with limited mobility, infants and children to 15 years of age, unaccompanied minors and pregnant women.
Seats with extra legroom are usually near the emergency exits. Special conditions apply when reserving these seats. You will find the booking information for seat reservations here.

I am travelling alone with two babies. What do I need to do when booking?

Generally, only one infant (to the age of 2) can be booked per adult. Under certain conditions, though, one adult may also travel with two babies:

If one of the babies travels in a car seat that is approved for air travel.
Or if a seat (children's fare) is booked for one of the babies.

What happens if I purchase an emergency seat with extra legroom and am then moved somewhere else? Will I get my money back?

If Edelweiss needs to change your seat reservations, perhaps if the aircraft type is changed at the last minute, Edelweiss will do its very best to automatically reserve a seat of equal value for you. If no comparable seat is available, you can go to and request a refund of the charge.
If you are moved because you do not fulfil the conditions for an emergency seat, you will not be entitled to a refund.

What will happen to my seat reservation if I change my flight reservation?

An Economy seat reservation will become invalid. For Economy Max seat reservations, we will charge you CHF 30.

What is the best way to transport my pet? Are there any legal requirements regarding transportation containers?

IATA, the international aviation authority, has defined various guidelines to protect your pet's well-being. For the sake of the animals, Edelweiss follows these requirements with regard to consistency, appearance and minimum size very closely.
You will find the IATA guidelines here.

Is Wi-Fi available on Edelweiss flights?

No, Edelweiss does not yet offer on-board Internet.

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